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Lady DJ Sylv is all things music. Early in life Sylv became fond of New Jack Swing before discovering hip hop but attributes her appreciation for hip hop to artists such as TLC, Queen Latifah, MC Lyte, and The WU Tang Clan. She appreciates underground music and the true essence of lyricism.


Born in Columbia, South Carolina, she became enchanted with music when she heard Whitney Houston's “One Moment in Time” and began singing with the church choir when she was eight. Having an ear for music, Sylv played several instruments including the piano throughout her youth and spent time in the orchestra, and marching band.


By the time she was in high school, Sylv began directing and playing music for multiple choirs. After joining the jazz band, she took inspiration from Miles Davis and often frequented a local jazz club to play on improve where she gained a soft spot for the genre.


Her senior year in college, Sylv  became the first intern at the Comedy House working with the in-house DJ. Although there were no turntables, she learned the nucleus of sound engineering.


Having been known as the go to person for music, Sylv was often asked to DJ family events. Her first real gig as a DJ was a graduation party in Atlanta  where she hooked up two laptops to a mixer to fade music in and out. Shortly after, she played her first wedding.

After moving back to Columbia, she connected with a business savvy friend who introduced the concept of business branding to Sylv and inspired her to take the Lady DJ Sylv brand to a new level. DJ Sylv trained at With These Handz DJ Academy in Charlotte, NC.


Sylv received a Bachelor of Arts from the University of South Carolina majoring in Media Arts with an emphasis in Audio and currently spends her days as an Audio Visual Technician.

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